Caramel Gold from Deluxe Seeds

Basic info about Caramel Gold

Deluxe Seeds Flowering: ±52 days mostly indica

Caramel Gold A taste of hashish reminding of the caramel for this plant mostly indica. Good output in indoor, strong production of resin. Be carreful, this strain is recommended for evening in the couch.

This variety was created for those who feel like smoking a grass with the taste and with the effect of a haschish of very good quality. His genetics was got from many indica stocks selected in India, in Pakistan and in Lebanon. This strain of cannabis is really a pure indica, what became more and more difficult to find on the current market of the cannabis seedbanks.

Caramel gold is a variety of grass with very sedative effects, to consume in the evening when there is nothing more to do. A fatty taste with tones of caramel, a huge production of creamy resin in reflexions gilt in maturity.

Antecedents of Caramel Gold from Deluxe Seeds

India Indica x Pakistan Indica x Lebanon Indica

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