Chem Star Diesel from Dirty Water Organics

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Dirty Water Organics Flowering: ±67 days mostly sativa

Chem Star Diesel We worked the origjnal Rezdog chem dd f1 to f3 then backcrossed back to the f1 gArlic mom to produce the mom we used in this cross . She was Dusted up with our tres staRdawg keeper stud we found from the tsd f2's we made from jj's original f1's These two parents were destined to be crossed to each other from the get go of both these parent stock breeding projects. A match made in heaven ..

The offspring Have amazed us ,they can take normal stress and Like to be topped into a bush while LST Is practiced. . Medium growth in veg and they clone well. .. . likes a higher nitro /calmag diet through the first few weeks of flower to prevent the fade later on with most pheno's. normal level Nutes otherwise . The flowers are done after 9 weeks give or take but can go longer depending on preference in taste and effect. Sweeter chemmy candy fruit taste and more up beat if taken early , with a more diesel chemmy sour taste and a night ender effect if taken late.

They will fatten up the last few weeks . These f1 seeds on offer are the early gens and have slight variation in the phenotypes , all centering around the same sour chemmy Juicy fruity diesel smells and tastes. These haven't been tested Outdoors by us but should do well. -our suggestion would be to watch for bud rot later in the season as her nugs get large , and rock solid filled with terpenes and resins oozing all over .. These have good breeding and healing potential and are a house favorite for us .. Great all around smoke and quality resin extractions..

Antecedents of Chem Star Diesel from Dirty Water Organics

{Chem dd F1 garlic pheno x Chem dd F3} x Tres Stardawg F2

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