Strawberry Shine from Dirty Water Organics

Basic info about Strawberry Shine

Dirty Water Organics Flowering: ±67 days mostly sativa

Strawberry Shine For this cross we used our special selection from the strawberry diesel release from Rezdog few a years back . It's Pz's cut we call the "stink" . She is all kerosine diesel with a slight berry undertone. .she was also the most stress resistant out of the lot we ran through to find and was the best keeper out of the lot . She Passed most stress tests and was tuned into a mother plant ..

Our dad chosen for this was the 2011-12 staRdawg f1 from JJ NYC .

This stud had so much Rez with a stink emanating from him which alerted anyone walking near him that he was there and dominating any other smells . He reeked more than most females from the same two packs we chose him from. This guy was fairly stress tolerant and pretty much was the "it" plant from the get go. He was the best dude that went through our stress tests over the rest of the selections we chose him from.

Medium experience type of strain.

This cross is a must have for anyone interested in the Rez strawberry diesel or JJ StaRdawg . There is some phenotypical variance. Enough to please anyone I like to say. .

The finish time is pheno dependent

In these f1's there will be mom and dad type pheno's with a few different smells mixing around in each structure. . I personally like the mix plants with the staRdawg look and the diesel x staRdawg mixed smells. It's breathtaking. These are Something to really take ones time with , to keep an eye out on them which helps to grow them more correctly .

There's many treasures to be found here so keep the nutrients and stress low and give em lots of love and They will reward you with the highest grade top shelf medicine .. The resin and terpenes on these are amazing for concentrate production. These are a limited early generation release with plans to further the line toward our favorite pheno's In the future

Antecedents of Strawberry Shine from Dirty Water Organics

Strawberry Diesel x Stardawg F1

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