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Basic info about Moroccan Hash Plant

Dr. Hemps Seeds Flowering: ±53 days indica/sativa

Moroccan Hash Plant These are genuine cannabis seeds from the Ketama region of Morocco, where the King of Morocco gives special dispensation to allow the growing of the cannabis plant and is what they grow to make that lovely Moroccan Hash that we all love to smoke (in Holland). It is best suited for outdoor growing, in fact, Dr Hemp tested this outdoors last year in Holland and even though he planted a bit late in the year he still managed to get an outstanding outdoor plant. It is a stoney high with an all round buzz. It is perfect for making Hashish. Medium Indica / Sativa. Best suited for growing outdoors.

Flowering time: 7 - 8 weeks
Outdoor harvest: August / September
Average yield: 500 grams outdoors
Height: Tall

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Morocco Hybrid

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