Casey's Rollex O.G. from DutchFem

Basic info about Casey's Rollex O.G.

DutchFem Flowering: ±63 days mostly indica

Casey's Rollex O.G. Casey’s Rollex is a cross with the infamous Casey Jones and Rollex OG Kush. It has best of both strains, it is productive, fast flowering and extremely potent. Rollex OG Kush is well known from The Devil’s Harvest seedbank they have done a perfect job when breeding this strain. Casey Jones was one of the Trainwreck genetics, and was named after a heroic American train driver. We felt that we could create something new and special when crossing these two strains. And we did!

When well grown, she will be ready in about 58 – 65 days. The buds will grow very big and we strongly advise you to give her plenty of room. Casey’s Rollex is easy to grow and can be put into flowering after as little as two weeks. Be aware that she can grow pretty tall when she is allowed to. She has the pungent smell from the CJ and the extremely high THC levels and terpenes from the Rollex OG Kush.

The taste is earthy and bit spicy, she will take you off your feet after a long day of walking. When growing outdoor we advise you to use a greenhouse when growing in short flowering seasons. You can also use her for ‘sea-of-green’ growing.

Antecedents of Casey's Rollex O.G. from DutchFem

Casey Jones x Rollex OG Kush

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