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Basic info about Critical XL

DutchFem Flowering: ±49 days mostly indica

Critical XL Critical is probably one of the most sold cannabis strains in Europe! Which is not surprising because she can be harvested after 6-7 weeks of flowering. Originally, this strain was bred by Shantibaba! And was selected for short flowering, high yield and a delicious and sweet taste.

After almost two decades this strain has only improved. So she ends up to be on the most stable strains available at the moment. Critical XL is chosen by DutchFem because of these attributes. Besides she is also an ideal strain for beginning growers because Critical XL is a strain that's easy culturable. The plant basically does everything on its own, give her good soil, a bit of water, light and love and the result will turn in your benefit. Combine this with a delicous and fruity taste and a relaxing high, you'll be all good with Critical XL.

When grown indoor the plants stay pretty small, around 80-100 cm (2'5-3 feet.) But the yield is enourmous! When grown outdoor she will be ready to harves pretty early. So don't lose track and make sure that you'll be harvesting begin-mid September. Are you a first-time grower who wants to try something, and wants to be sure it's gonna work? Try Critical XL! And when you are more experienced and looking for something that's homogeneous and easy to grow? Then this is the ideal strain for you too!

Flowering Time 6-8 Weeks
Average Height 80-120cm
Taste Sweet and Spicy
Effect Stoned

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Critical Mass

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