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Basic info about Orange Jones

DutchFem Flowering: ±60 days mostly sativa

Orange Jones This cross with Orange Dream and Casey Jones is a one of a kind. Orange Dream is well known for its extreme orange smell and taste. Casey Jones is infamous as being one of the most well-known strains worldwide. We will start with this strain as a limited edition and when she is popular enough she will be added to our permanent list of strains.
This crossing is a very special one we are a big-time lover of Casey Jones and love her taste and smell. But we were wondering if we could give her a different taste. And after multiple tests we found the perfect match: a CJ female and an Orange Dream male. She was crossed again with the OD male and the result is Orange Jones. The fruitiest Casey Jones variety ever!
She will grow in about 52 – 60 days and needs around three weeks of growing before put into flowering. She grows medium tall and has a distinct orange, earthy and pungent taste. The smell is extremely orange/tangerine and will knock you of your feet when opening your grow room.
She can be grown outdoors as well but could be flowering till late September or even early October when the climate is warm. Leave some room between the plants because she tends to grow pretty wide.

Cannabis Type 90% Sativa - 10% Indica
Genetic Background Casey Jones X Orange Dream
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Average Height 80-120cm
Taste Sweet and Fruity
Effect Happy High

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Casey Jones x Orange Dream

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