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Dynasty Seeds is dedicated to providing stable, medicinal quality seeds to growers and patients in need. professor p, whose work has spread throughout medical cannabis communities since the late 90s, currently does all of the breeding for dynasty seeds.

Our parental selections are primarily based upon medicinal values, but we also take many other factors into account such as vigor, yield, smell, taste and resistance. Most of our strains are original f1s, but we occasionally offer filial generation seeds as well.

It all started in 1996 when professor p moved to a mmj friendly state with a few 100 seeds in search for a fresh start... During his first few years of growing from seed, professor p had realized what healing properties lie within certain cannabis genetics... Living with a good friend who had seizures regularly, p turned him onto cannabis and his symptoms subsided when smoking. one of the strains in particular helped prevent/lessen the seizures, but the bad thing is that this strain had hermie/male tendencies... This was the beginning to a very long journey..

The dynasty seeds website was formed as a database for patients and medical growers, that may currently be using our strains for medicinal purposes... Keep an eye out in a medical marijuana community near you, for dynasty seeds' current and upcoming releases.

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