Zour Apples from Ethos Genetics

Basic info about Zour Apples

Ethos Genetics Flowering: ±60 days mostly indica

Zour Apples Zour Apples cultivation
Ethos Genetics breeders has created this Indica dominant hybrid by a cross between their female Jack Herer, characterised by its sweet flavours and a very fast flowering stage, and their male Ethos Glue of the family GG#4, an extremely sticky genetic line, easy to cultivate and very vigorous. The result is Zour Apples, an exceptional variety for both flower lovers and cannabis concentrates fans.

The harvest is ready after about 60 days of 12h/12h photoperiod, offering abundant harvests composed of compact resin-coated buds. Zou Apples provides particularly gratifying results at the visual level.

Zour Apples consumption
The long buds produce an important trichomes amount, obtaining great results in Hashish or oil extractions.

It offers us particularly rich flavours, with an acidic apple base accompanied by floral and chocolate touches with Diesel character.

It produces a balanced but powerful effect, with a deep relaxation accompanied by a sense of well-being particularly pleasant to experience.

Ethos Genetics Zour Apples info:
Type: Feminised cannabis seed
Genetics: "Plantman " Jack x Ethos Glue
Indica dominant
Yield: Abundant
Aromas and flavours: very rich, acidified apple with chocolate Diesel notes
THC: 25-30%

Antecedents of Zour Apples from Ethos Genetics

Jack Plantman x Ethos Glue probably

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