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Basic info about Furious Candy

Eva Female Seeds Flowering: ±48 days mostly indica

Furious Candy A cross between two of the plants with the most resin in the world. A real treat for the palate.

Sativa 30% / Indica 70%
THC: Medio/Alto
Yield: Alta
Flowering time indoor: 45-50 días
Genetics: Papa's Candy x White Shark

Form: A large central bud, surrounded by strong side branches filled with very compact buds, completely covered with resin. Even the largest leaves are covered with resin. It has a robust and strong growth, forming broad, dark green leaves.

Effect: Relaxing, while cheerful and fun.
Smell: Fruity and sweet, like a strawberry gum.
Taste: Sweet with earthy background and floral notes.

Nutritional Needs: Medium in growth and flowering.

Advised height at the 12/12 flip: 40-60 cm
Height at harvest time: 80 cm - 100 cm
Yield (9 plants per meter): 450-600 gr/m²

Sowing: entre Marzo y Junio.
Height at the end of the flowering period: about 2 meters, depending to the time of sowing.
Harvest: beginning of October (Northern Hemisphere) - beginning of April (Southern Hemisphere)
Yield (on ground): 700gr - 1000gr

Cuttings: Minimum height at the 12/12 flip: 30 cm. We recommend 9-12 cuttings per meter.

Antecedents of Furious Candy from Eva Female Seeds

Papas Candy x Great White Shark

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Furious Candy

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