Hulk from Exotic Genetix

Basic info about Hulk

Exotic Genetix Flowering: ±55 days indica/sativa

Mother: Green Ribbon
Father: Starfighter F2
Family: 50/50 Hybrid
Growing Conditions: Multi Topped bush
Height: Medium
Indoor Flowering Time: 50-60 Days
Yield: Medium-Heavy Producer

Just a stepping stone in the Green ribbon BX project...this Skunky Funky Heavy-weight packs on the most ridiculous Citrus smelling cannons I've come across yet. Rock hard and ready to go...the nuggets on this gal are real deal! Stout sturdy stems form early on to keep her Monster Piney Citrus Nuggets afloat! No need to be a master grower in order to be successful here, except maybe some stakes or a net to keep the colas up. ;) Best harvests have resulted from taking her at the 8 week mark, however she has been know to go a few extra days for peak ripeness. Great yields, wonderful aromas, and insane mind numbing effects will have you high fiving yourself for grabbing this limited release while you still could :)​

Antecedents of Hulk from Exotic Genetix

Green Ribbon x Starfighter F2

Descendants of Hulk from Exotic Genetix

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