Lime Skunk from Exotic Genetix

Basic info about Lime Skunk

Exotic Genetix Flowering-Time: Unknown mostly sativa

Lime Skunk Lime Skunk, not to be confused with Lime Green Skunk, is the odoriferous offspring of DNA Genetic’s Lemon Skunk and Exotic Genetix’ Green Ribbon BX, and the latest offering from Cresco Labs. This sativa-dominant strain by Exotic Genetix boasts THC content and an unparalleled aroma of fresh limes. Its terpene profile is dominated by high concentrations of limonene and pinene, lending its racy yet clear-headed buzz to consumers looking to enjoy a flavorful connoisseur-grade strain while maintaining a high level of productivity.

Antecedents of Lime Skunk from Exotic Genetix

Lemon Skunk x Green Ribbon BX

Descendants of Lime Skunk from Exotic Genetix

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