Snowmonster from Exotic Genetix

Basic info about Snowmonster

Exotic Genetix Flowering: ±55 days mostly indica

Snowmonster Hootydootydoo!!! The one that I've been waiting for, Krome's georgous cut of the white thrown in the mix with the Starfighter F2 stud. Oooowweee! What else can i say to show my excitement besides sour, pungeant, creamy, gnarly, OG, gas!!! Just when you think you've hit the nail on the head by growing either of these frost monsters alone... Here comes an offspring off both together. Game day bucket go boom!!! The heavy indica lineage of both parents will leave you with a well stacking powerful plant that is no slouch in the yield department. Get your carbon filters ready and expect heavy skanky yields from this lady along with smell and potency that is ever so lingering. Tending to finish around the 8 week mark makes this not only a cash croppers dream but a connoisseurs delight! Get your pillow ready before you blaze... It'll all be over soon!

Mother: The White (Krome's Cut)
Father: Starfighter F2
Family: 70/30 Indica
Growing Conditions: Multi Topped Bush
Height: Medium-Tall
Indoor Flowering Time: 50-60 Days
Yield: Medium/Heavy

Antecedents of Snowmonster from Exotic Genetix

The White x Starfighter F2

Descendants of Snowmonster from Exotic Genetix

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