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Flash Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±90 days ruderalis/indica/sativa

Black Samba A full range of warmth, joy, life, and sun filled me with happiness to see this pure sativa grow explosively with such fine, thin leaves, and many branches full of flowers everywhere! Its scent is sweet with hints of banana, mango and sour... Nice fast production and very easy to grow in any environment.

Accelerate the crop: For outdoor I recommend growing plants in at least 25 liter pots or first in 3 liter pots for two weeks and then transplanted directly into the earth with good soil for even better results. The plants can take a lot of feeding from the start. No worries of over feeding because my SuperAutos forgive any mistakes... Water with nutrients for growth during the first 6 weeks and then move to a mix of 50% growth nutrients - 50% flowering nutrients during weeks 7 and 8. Then only use flowering nutrients up until the last 10 days. Flush with filtered water.

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Unknown Strain x Ruderalis

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harvested some buds because of caterpillar scare, this one still glows in the dark

Black Samba

Pic from hermantrage | Outdoor

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