OJ Kush from Forbidden Genetics

Basic info about OJ Kush

Forbidden Genetics Flowering: ±60 days mostly indica

OJ Kush OJ. Orange Juice. Orange. Juice. Can't emphasize that enough. By a worker bee of Fruit Preserves; Hunter has crossed his favorite stacking "Agent Orange" pheno of zesty orange goodness with his selected pheno of "OG Hunter" mouthwatering purple OG goodness. Offspring inherited all the traits of the OG Hunter with a strong kick of oranges. Expect to see massive colas giving a very zesty, pungent orange aroma, taste, and aftertaste. The resin production is insane due to both parents. Certainly is a hash makers dream and lives up to every bit of its name.

Antecedents of OJ Kush from Forbidden Genetics

Orange Cream x Agent Orange x OG Hunter

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