Blue Dream from Garden of Green

Basic info about Blue Dream

Garden of Green Flowering: ±68 days mostly sativa

Blue Dream We are extremely over joyed with the results of our very own production of this legendary strain, Blue Dream is well known to professional breeders and medical consumers throughout the USA, mostly because of it’s enormous commercial yields, up to 500 g/m2 and miraculus medicinal qualities. It’s in the top 10 strains of all time in the US and now becoming in great demand in Europe. The Blueberry Indica parent crossed with a powerful Sativa Haze has Growers raving about yields they have never wittnessed before. Women in particular are reporting it’s their strain of choice for battling menstrual symptoms.

BACKGROUND: 70 % Sativa, 30 % Indica
YIELD: 500 g/m²
FLOWERING TIME: 65 – 70 Days
THC: 25 %
CBD: 2 %
EFFECT: Long-lasting clear cerebral and energetic
TASTE: Fruit, Vanilla, Lemony, Pine, Incense

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Blue Dream

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