Critcal XXL from Garden of Green

Basic info about Critcal XXL

Garden of Green Flowering: ±50 days mostly indica

Critcal XXL Critical XXL will impress cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts, because In such a short time you are guaranteed solid top notch high grade nuggets. Fat 650 g/m2 indoors, Outdoors give it plenty of root room and you will be rewarded with low growing fat vigorous plants with fat large colas on lateral branches the same size as central main stem buds in a Green House. You must provide plenty of support for the heavy resinous tops of these ladies sticky ladies. A 100% indica, mountain born Afghani parent Skunk indica heritage. Critical XXL is the result of merging these two heavy wieght legendary strains.

YIELD: 650 g/m²
FLOWERING TIME: 45 – 55 Days
THC: 21 %
CBD: 2 %
TASTE: Clove burnt orange Lemon and Berries
EFFECT: Cerebral, Couch Lock, Euphoria, Giggly

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Critcal Mass

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