Critical 2.0 Xl Auto from Garden of Green

Basic info about Critical 2.0 Xl Auto

Garden of Green Autoflowering Flowering-Time: Unknown ruderalis/indica/sativa

Critical 2.0 Xl Auto One of the sweetest Auto hybrid on the market today. We crossed the best Indica auto strains with the intention of producing a very sweet Indica. Ideal for planting on your balcony outdoors in your garden, but if you have a Conservatory then you will achieve producing a very compact and productive plant. Critical 2.0 is known for very high potency which is also widely used as a very beneficial medical strain. One of our most fruitiest and sweet tasting creations that will seduce you with her rich highly scented aromas very sticky buds makes this strain desirable for all consumers.

LINEAGE : Critical Auto × CBD Auto
BACKGROUND: 70 % Indica, 30 % Sativa
YIELD: 500 g/m²
THC: 20,00 %
CBD: 3 %
EFFECT: Relieves Pain, Depression, Migraines, Stress
TASTE: Fruitiest and sweet deep skunky breath

Antecedents of Critical 2.0 Xl Auto from Garden of Green

Critical 2 Auto probably x Ruderalis cbd pheno

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