Critical XXL Auto from Garden of Green

Basic info about Critical XXL Auto

Garden of Green Autoflowering Flowering-Time: Unknown ruderalis/indica/sativa

Critical XXL Auto We have now finally developed one of our very own supper fast Autoflowering strains. 100% Indica dense buds in the shortest possible time, only 45 – 50 days max. Expect strong skunk taste with plenty of sweetness from the Critical genetics. XXL is perfect for relaxing at home and brings on a comfortable Couch locking feeling due to the high level and concentration of THC. A fantastic performer as a commercial strain delivering good yields in a very short space of time.

LINEAGE: Critical XXL Auto × Six Auto
YIELD: 350 g/m²
FLOWERING TIME: 45 – 50 Days
THC: 19,00 %
CBD: 1 %
EFFECT: Relaxing, Couch locking
TASTE: Citrus, Pine, Fruity, Skunky

Antecedents of Critical XXL Auto from Garden of Green

{Critical x Ruderalis} x Ruderalis Six Auto probably

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