Larry’s Lemon OG from Garden of Green

Basic info about Larry’s Lemon OG

Garden of Green Flowering: ±53 days indica/sativa

Larry’s Lemon OG All the way from the San Fernando Valley in California aka SFV OG Kush, Ghost OG Kush heritage. A very famous Medical strain and can be easily found all round LA county because of it’s high medication reputation. We are delighted to be making this Laauthentic quick acting medication avalible and accessible to all our European customers. It’s because of the instant and fast acting relief that has Medical and recreational consumers alike demanding this cure for all strain from their dispensaries.

BACKGROUND: 50 % Indica, 50 % Sativa
YIELD: 650 g/m²
FLOWERING TIME: 50 – 55 Days
THC: 25 %
CBD: 0,3 %
EFFECT: Physical and mental effect is very strong
TASTE: Lemon, Pine, Dank Rich Rotten Berries

Antecedents of Larry’s Lemon OG from Garden of Green

SFV OG Kush x Ghost OG

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