Mass Shooter Auto from Garden of Green

Basic info about Mass Shooter Auto

Garden of Green Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±91 days ruderalis/indica/sativa

Mass Shooter Auto With this Auto strain, we put all our attention into creating the biggest and strongest Autoflowering strain we have ever created. Critical Mass Auto × Six Shooter Auto presented us with the ideal genetics to help us achieve our goals. The massive growth and vigor will be noticed after her first 4 weeks from when she enters the flowering cycle. Out Doors, make sure to get this one in your Greenhouse and watch her perform without any effort at all, all year round. Big fat tough solid buds start to form very quickly and bigin to grow bigger and bigger, enticing you with seductive feelings and thoughts of commercial possibilities.

LINEAGE: Critical Mass Auto × Six Shooter Auto
BACKGROUND: 75 % Indica, 25 % Sativa
YIELD: 450 g/m²
THC: 17 %
CBD: 2 %
EFFECT: Deep Skunk
TASTE: Citrus pine, peppery Fruit

Antecedents of Mass Shooter Auto from Garden of Green

Critical Mass Auto x Six Shooter Auto

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