Pineapple Amnesia from Garden of Green

Basic info about Pineapple Amnesia

Garden of Green Flowering: ±63 days mostly sativa

Pineapple Amnesia Pineapple Amnesia is a remarkable sativa dominant strain that ticks all boxes. A carefully selected phenotype of Amnesia and the famous Pinequeen Haze gives you this beautiful, tasty, strain that produces sticky dense buds and produces superb yields. The taste is beautiful with strong bursts of citrus, lemon, lime and skunk, which will not be easily forgotten. The best way to describe the aroma is strong haze, pineapple, lemon with hints of clove and pine. Pineapple Amnesia’s effect is stimulating and creative with a energetic high with great medicinal benefits.

CBD: 0,73 %
TASTE: Lemon, Pineapple, Lime & Skunk
EFFECT: Stimulating, Creative, Medicinal
THC: 18,80 %
FLOWERING TIME: 60 – 65 Days
BACKGROUND: 65 % Sativa, 35 % Indica
YIELD: 450 – 550 g/m2 Indoors
LINEAGE: Amnesia × Pinequeen Haze

Antecedents of Pineapple Amnesia from Garden of Green

Amnesia x Unknown Haze Pinequeen Haze

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