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We are a stoner couple that decided years ago to start breeding pot to suit our tastes. We just got sick of most of the cash-crop stuff that was going around, which focused on big yields and short flower times at the expense of all else. We experimented with growing from both seed and clone, built up a genetic collection that suited our tastes, then started messing around with making our own crosses.
We wanted to make sure that good yielders were also unique and amazing smoke. We wanted to find that perfect high. We became less concerned with the flower time, and more concerned with making sure everything was finished properly. We converted to ROLS organic growing techniques. We found that everything just got better and better as we moved forward.
Now that we have been at this for years, we have decided to share our work, and hopefully make a few bucks in the process. What we have made available is what we like so far that has been fully tested. There is much more to come.
There are lots of seed companies out there. Some are very good, others are very bad. We hope that we can fit in to the former category by releasing gear that is stable, tasty, and very effective.

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