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House Of The Great Gardener Flowering: ±49 days indica/sativa

Barbara Bud Barbara Bud is a superstar for so many reasons. This Shishkaberry/Afghani cross is fast flowering and easy to grow. Best of all, she produces super frothy nugs–extreme trichome coverage–and an unbelievably fruity fragrance that makes for some great hash.

2nd place 2014 Karma Cup, Toronto
2nd place 2014 Dab-A-Doo, Amsterdam
3rd place Legends of Hash (collaboration with Sweet Grass Extracts)
3rd place Neder Hash dry sift, 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup
1st place 2014 Treating Yourself Expo - Solventless Extract
1st place Spannabis 2014 - Non Solvent Category at Resin Club's DAB-A-DOO... a collaboration with Bubbleman

Antecedents of Barbara Bud from House Of The Great Gardener

Shishkaberry x Afghani

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Barbara Bud

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