Haoma from House Of The Great Gardener

Basic info about Haoma

House Of The Great Gardener Flowering: ±53 days mostly indica

Haoma Our Original Award Winning Strain

This lovely lady is the House of the Great Gardener's flagship strain. She was created to give the Purps a stronger structure, and the best phenotypes were put out to the members of the VICS to choose their favorite. By popular demand we created an Indica dominant cross with a super fruity aroma. She flowers early with small but heavy tight nugs.

Genetics: Purps (f) X Afghani (m) Variety
Indica/Sativa (70% - 30%)
Flowering time: 7 to 8 weeks
THC 14.00%
CBD 0.20%
CBN 0.40%

* 1st place 2011 Treating Yourself Expo - Compassion Club category
* 2nd place 2011 High Times Cup - Concentrate category... as part of the Hydra Hash
* 3rd place 2012 Treating Yourself Expo - Seed Company Indica category

Antecedents of Haoma from House Of The Great Gardener

Purps x Afghanistan Indica

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