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Jinxproof Genetics Flowering: ±55 days mostly indica

Main Event Because life can be heavy, we bring you this extreme Indica hybrid to help lighten your load.The long lasting effects leave you with an obvious sense of serenity.
Tensions will be removed by encouraging a blissful and healthy mood which increases a positive outlook on life!

The dominant phenotype displays a stocky plant with bushy leaves that grow broad and wide. Early topping is recommended to encourage the plant to grow horizontally and to produce maximum flowering sites. The buds are extremely resinous and sticky , surrounded by heavily sugared leaves. The thick, dense buds are typically light green with a plethora of white and golden curling pistals. The leaves can change sunset-like in colors close to harvest. This strain is very hardy and tends to mold and mildew resistant.
An elegantly complex aroma of gassy Blueberry, sweet with an inherent hint of tart atop a sprinkle of vanilla.
High Type:
Produces overall therapeutic calmness. Relives stress, muscle tension and spasms, anxiety, PTSD, as well as back pain relief. Sure to deliver extreme pain relief with an undertone of cerebral bless.

Antecedents of Main Event from Jinxproof Genetics

Madcap x Unknown Afghani

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