Dixie Crystals from Juan Moore

Basic info about Dixie Crystals

Juan Moore Flowering: ±53 days indica/sativa

Dixie Crystals The "Sweethang" clone...what can I say...The taste has been described as akin to smoking Koolaid, I loved the taste, and wanted to add mone raw punch, so I added the Cinderella. The male used in this cross, was selected from 9 original males from a group of 36 Cinderella 99 F1s, the same males used in the New Killer Queen project. I am still awaiting reports from testers, but germ rates have been 100%, so far. This will be a “work in progress”, as I intend to constantly, improve the seedstock, with each cross. I estimate7 weeks of flower, indoors, based on what I know from both parents.

Antecedents of Dixie Crystals from Juan Moore

98 Aloha White Widow x Cinderella 99

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