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Kingdom Organic Seeds Flowering: ±63 days indica/sativa

Dark Matter A giant yield with a deadly punch, cash cropper style plant here, and all the way through selecting the females in the CTF (Cherry Thunderfuck) line I always selected for the Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck (MTF) expressions, as I possessed this original clone way back when. What can I say about this one except super easy to grow, not fussy at all about anything, a huge yielding hash-hard bud, producing massive resin with a distinctive MTF slant to it. The lemony mango flavors are really brought out huge with a two week cure. She has excellent bag appeal and just beautiful huge buds.

The Dark Matter paternal breeding parent (male) was also one of mine I have been working for years now, the Rusty Haze, which consists of Skunk #1/Bubblegum (male) x Metal Haze. So as you can extrapolate this lovely variety is truly worthy and she performs perfect indoors with regards to height and stretch.

She's a snap to grow, a dream really, easy to clone, easy to grow, hearty and vigorous. Always allow plants to get 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production. KOS always recommends organically growing our gear for the full appreciation of smells and flavors.

Indoor flowering 60-66 days depending on phenotype chosen.
Outdoor harvest Late October in Northern Hemisphere.

LINE: Rusty Haze (male) x Cherry Thunderfuck
WEIGHT: Enormous (1/4 pound from one plant under 400 watts)
FLOWERING TIME INDOORS: 60-66 days depending on taste & phenotype chosen
HARVEST OUTDOORS: Late October in Northern Hemisphere

Antecedents of Dark Matter from Kingdom Organic Seeds

MTF Cherry Thunderfuck x Rusty Haze

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