Plushypinez from Krunkz Kreationz

Basic info about Plushypinez

Krunkz Kreationz Flowering: ±64 days mostly indica

Plushypinez Plushypinez is a cross between "plushberry" from tga seeds. And "no proof purp" from krunkz kreationz. A short sturdy beast. Plushypinez is good for your indoor or outdoor grow. Flowering time is around 64 days. Expect large yields with purple flowers. The more green phenos with purple tints seem to have more of a gas smell. While the purple flowers are more of a mangoes and grapes scent. Easy grow great terps and full of colors. You can't go wrong with some plushypinez.

Antecedents of Plushypinez from Krunkz Kreationz

Plushberry x No Proof Purp

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