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So the story goes....

London.City.Genetics was born way back in 2002.

It all started with a small but tight group of friends from Hackney, East London who would meet daily after a hard days graft for an old school smoke up taking it in turn to provide the "essentials"

One day there was a dry spell and the boy's were forced to try new sources....after some calls texts and a fair few cups of tea, the boy's were rescued by an individual known only as Larry long.

As the boy's didn't know Larry they only got what they needed for that night.

The boy's rushed back to the spot as quick as there sober legs would carry them, when they returned to the spot they were keen to see the goodies they had acquired and wondered what kind of night they were in for...

As they unraveled the cling film package they were hit with an almighty dank lemon smell like no other..

The boy's faces light up....this was special, proper special!

Dank, super light green, rock hard, Glistening nuggets of fire...Proper Pungent with a knock out, long lasting two toke killer high

The boy's rushed to there phones....they needed every golden green nugget of this super strong fire..this was a proper different grade....

RING,RING, answer....RING,RING, answer... RING,RING,RI....hello...please leave your.....

The boys tried again and again.

Larry never did answer the phone, and despite the boy's best attempts was never heard from again.

The boy's searched EVERY were but despite there best efforts they couldn't locate that lovely lemon anywhere.

And so as the old adage goes ..if you want something done right....

And so it began the quest for their first strain, a small homage to that night and that experience..

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