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Lost Labs Genetics Flowering: ±56 days indica/sativa

Mega Lemon The Amnesia Lemon mother -
Long, compact, fastly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype #2 ticks all the boxes, mad terps, extra large yield that gives back some rock hard nuggets.
The Don Mega Father DM7 -
The DM7 which reeked of GMO, the offspring are very similar to the mother, majority of F1 genotype lean toward the mother.

If you're after awesome yields with that new look, this might be worth giving a go, The garlic and lemon terps are stupid thick! Aesthetics are stupidly good and the weights bring smiles across town! Mental bag appeal!!

Genetics: Amnesia Lemon x The Don Mega (DM7)
Sex: Regular
Height: Medium Tall
Flowering Time: 56 – 62 days
THC: Very High

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9.50 / 10
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9.50 / 10

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Amnesia Lemon x The Don Mega F1

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