Red Velvet Cruffins from Lost Labs Genetics

Basic info about Red Velvet Cruffins

Lost Labs Genetics Flowering: ±55 days indica/sativa

Red Velvet Cruffins Great vegetative vigor, super fast flowering & packed with resin! This tropical blend of banana, oranges and blackberries burst outta the bag with serious volume, a tiny nugget will cook a room corner to corner, so if smells an issue maybe take a miss on this one.
The buds are very spear shaped and similar to the parental structure of Banana Chem Cruffins, one thing that everyone says is how potent and how high/smashed they became after just a lil toke or pipe. She will sit you down, she is very strong.
In flower she starts to packs on a great shape early on she is very easy to grow, if you're a resin lover strap in, cos shes jacked. This is the only variety i have that is red and 80% stable across the genotype, so it will prob get released before anything. If you like those old school highs of being out of it, you'll love this stuff.

Antecedents of Red Velvet Cruffins from Lost Labs Genetics

{Tropicana Poison Red Poison Pheno x Don Mega} x Banana Chem Cruffin

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