Mega CBD from Mega Buds

Basic info about Mega CBD

Mega Buds Flowering: ±63 days mostly sativa

Mega CBD When you are looking for therapeutic meds, CBD is high on the list for many people, not just regular cannabis users, but for all growers, massive yields are always number 1.
When Mega Buds created Mega CBD, they didn’t just want any old strain with CBD in the name. It had to be a true Mega Buds medical monster. Crossing Double Big bud X CBD Max gave them just that. The result delivers a strain with a 1:3 ratio of THC to CBD with great terpene profile, making for outstanding medical applications. This is truly apparent in the flavour profile of Mega CBD; Lemon Citrus and slightly sweeter cinnamon is there by the bucket load. The psychoactive element has been pulled right back as the THC levels are between 5-6% but the it also packs a minimum of 15% CBD This means there are still some traces the calming head buzz from the THC but for those that want a CBD rich strain with minimal cerebral high, Mega CBD is for you.

Antecedents of Mega CBD from Mega Buds

Double Big Bud x Unknown Strain CBD Max

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