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Mr. Hide Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±100 days ruderalis/indica

Auto Black Banana A selection of Black Domina cannabis (originally from Afghanistan) crossed with Ruderalis that provides the auto-flowering gene to achieve a quick harvest of quality.

A fairly simple plant to cultivate that can grow up to 150cm tall. Acquires a robust and well branched pyramid structure with a thick main point standing out. This plant almost reminds more of a feminised genetics than an automatic genetics.

Not much fertilizer is necessary, and an excess can stress the plant. Caution is needed, so ideally nutritional needs have to be controlled to obtain the best results.

Auto Black Banana, a Black Domina spirit with a sweet and exotic banana aroma
It is greatly recommended to use a good root stimulator during the entire growth stage, this develops a large mass of roots ensuring an abundant harvest.

The seed bank recommends not using liquid fertilizers when cultivating this variety, but enriching the substrate at the beginning of the crop and irrigating only with water, so the plant can dose the nutrients it needs whether growing in a pot or in guerrilla.

The effect is intense, analgesic, soothing and narcotic, also cheerful, jovial and long-lasting. It satisfies the most demanding users and those looking for a therapeutic effect.

Harvested after 60 days of germination, with a yield up to 150g/plant. Tight, hard and much resined buds. A complex aroma with pungent and incensed notes on a base of sweet banana that give substance. Very pleasant to the palate, especially when consumed with cannabis vaporizer.

Mr Hide Seeds Auto Black Banana info:
Auto-flowering feminised cannabis
Genetics: Black Domina x Ruderalis selection
Harvest: 60 days after germination
Flowering: 40 days
Yield: 150g / m2

Antecedents of Auto Black Banana from Mr. Hide Seeds

Black Domina x Ruderalis

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