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Basic info about Auto Diesel Mass

Mr. Hide Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±55 days mostly indica

Auto Diesel Mass Being our faster strain (55 days) Fast Bud Mass is one of the most interesting varieties of Mr Hide Seeds®. This is due to several reasons. Its mostly indica heritage (80%) defines its morphology and once is ready to be harvested it becomes a real pleasure for our senses. Elegant and compact appearance. And its fragrance is quite remarkable. Full of white crystals and abundant resin, releases a distinct odor to exotic and sweet fruits subtly nuanced by its Diesel ancestors. Having such a short life is convenient to germinate the seed in the planter where is going to spend the whole time of culture. It needs airy and spongy soils to get the very best marijuana. Provided it has been properly cultivated, Diesel Mass can produce up to 160 grams. Cultivated in poor soils the production can considerably decrease, going down to no more to 100 grams. But getting 100 grams from a poorly cultivated plant continues being a great result. This is because Diesel Fast Mass is a hard plant and easy to cultivate. This fact makes this option ideal for “lazy” growers and guerrilla culture. Properly cultivated is a real shock. You need to see it to believe it. Very few strains can get this result in only 55 days. Is very well known that Mr Hide Seeds® is a bank that pays special attention to the organoleptic properties of its plants. And Diesel Mass is not an exception to this rule. No need to say all its organoleptic capacity improves a lot using good substratum and organic fertilizers. Coconut fiber helps the roots development a lot. Obviously the bigger the roots system the bigger and better the plant is going to be. This subject is specially important when you have just 55 days to cultivate. You should provide the best conditions to your plant in order to obtain the excellent quality is expected. Typically indica morphology. Pyramidal structure with an awesome central bud and some side branches that, even though aren’t as big as the main bud, contain extraordinary amounts of white trichomes and sticky resin. Big indica leaves perfectly adapted to perform the remarkable photosynthesis necessary to produce so much production in only 55 days. Highly relaxing and overwhelming effect. We recommend to be prudent in case you are not used to almost pure indica strains. Its enormous content of CBD can produce a huge and very long lasting trip. Probably the best choice for medicinal marijuana users.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: feminized autoflowering
Genotype: Indica dominance
Cross : diesel heritage x critical
Taste: sweet aromas with exotic shades
Production: From 90gr to 160gr / plant

Antecedents of Auto Diesel Mass from Mr. Hide Seeds

{Diesel x Critical Mass} x Ruderalis probably

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