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Basic info about Auto Girl Scout Cookies

Mr. Hide Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±70 days ruderalis/indica/sativa

Auto Girl Scout Cookies Auto Girl Scout Cookies is an easy to grow Indica Sativa hybrid. It is a well ramified plant with short-medium internodal distance, growing up to 80-100cm tall in open ground.

Auto Girl Scout Cookies has a full growing cycle of about 10 weeks from seed to harvest, with a yield of over 100g per plant cultivated in open ground. It produces big buds with large and fleshy calyxes, ensuring generous yields for all types of growers, both beginners and experienced.

Auto Girl Scout Cookies, a sweet bready flavour harvest
Girl Scout Cookies Auto produces remarkable flavours and aromas, combining sweet, floral and spicy notes reminiscent of pastry, with a slight cherry aftertaste, enhanced using a cannabis vaporiser.

It produces a powerful and long lasting effect, combining a euphoric high on a mental level with a relaxed feeling on a physical level, relieving stress and tension.

Mr Hide Seeds Auto Girl Scout Cookies info:
Type: Feminised auto-flowering cannabis seed
Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Auto
Genotype: Indica Sativa
Complete cycle: 10 weeks
Indoor yield: Medium-High (70-110g per plant)
Outdoor yield: Medium-High (70-110g per plant)
THC: Medium

Antecedents of Auto Girl Scout Cookies from Mr. Hide Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies x Ruderalis

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