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Basic info about Auto Mazar Blue

Mr. Hide Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±70 days mostly sativa

Auto Mazar Blue Being mostly sativa (80%), our auto Blue Mazar is gaining fans among our followers like no other strain did before. Not surprising if only because it can produce 200 grams of excellent marijuana. Like the rest of our strains Auto Blue Mazar highlights among other brands for its unique fragrance and odor. Properties that can be enhanced curing it for at least one month. Being so productive it easily reaches 3 feet in height with an enormous central bud and side branches that can be as big as the main one in certain cases. The huge amount of resin it produces contribute to increase its aroma and intense odor. Manicurating this plant is a hard job that will leave the palms of your hands full of dark and sticky resin. Perfect way to obtain fresh charas even before the harvest. Its ready to be harvested in 70 days, counting from its germination. Being a plant of enormous production its advisable to use containers of at least one gallon volume if we want to get 200 grams per plant. If you love to enjoy its natural fragrance we recommend to use a good substratum and organic fertilizers. But it is a really easy plant to cultivate even in mediocre conditions. Our Auto Blue Mazar has the typical effect of the indica strains from the Hindu Kush mountains: muscular relax and a wonderful sensation of wellness. Just a few drags and you will enjoy a happy end after a hard day.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: feminized autoflowering
Genotype: Indica dominance
Cross : bluberry x Mazar blue
Taste: dulcon exotic fruits
Production: From 100gr to 200gr / plant

Antecedents of Auto Mazar Blue from Mr. Hide Seeds

Bluberry x Mazar Blue probably

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