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Basic info about Auto White Widow

Mr. Hide Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±80 days ruderalis/indica/sativa

Auto White Widow It is an easy to cultivate variety that produces very good results, a cross between a selection of White Widow and another White Widow Auto, looking for a potent, aromatic, resinous and robust new hybrid.

Auto White Widow, compact, robust and easy to grow
Auto White Widow is a compact and robust auto-flowering plant with all the characteristics of the original. This variety likes full sun and warm conditions, and is highly resistant to pests and pathogens.

It produces a huge central bud and just a few side branches, growing up to a height of 1m, making it ideal for terraces and balconies.

Auto White Widow is also suitable for indoor cannabis gardening, having a structure that allows us to fit many plants into a small space, growing with the SOG method.

Auto White Widow, fruity, citric aroma with a markedly Indica effect
It is ready for harvest about 75-85 days after germination, with a yield up to 40-100g per plant. The seeds should be sown in a pot of 10L minimum for the best results.

It produces round, very dense and heavy flowers completely covered with sticky and aromatic resin, giving off exotic fruit and citrus aroma notes due to the high content of the terpenes Limoneno and Valenceno.

It produces an intense and powerful effect, typically Indica - very relaxing, analgesic and pleasant. This variety is helpful for medicinal cannabis users seeking rest and recuperation, also alleviating stress and insomnia while at the same time stimulating appetite.

Mr Hide Seeds Auto White Widow info:
Type: Feminised auto-flowering cannabis seed
Genetics: White Widow x White Widow Auto
Indica dominant hybrid
Harvest: 74-85 days from germination
Yield: 40-100g per plant
THC: High

Antecedents of Auto White Widow from Mr. Hide Seeds

White Widow x {White Widow x Ruderalis}

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