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Basic info about Mr. Blueberry Bud

Mr. Hide Seeds Flowering: ±63 days mostly indica

Mr. Blueberry Bud This variety is a cross between an original Blueberry clone, created in the 70s by DJ Short, and a selection of the mythical Sensi Seeds Big Bud which provides productivity and reinforces structure.

Mr Blueberry Bud, a robust, branchy plant with purple and pink tones
Mr Blueberry Bud can reach a height of 2.5m when cultivated outdoors, acquiring a very strong pyramidal structure with secondary branches growing accompanying the main central point.

It is a highly resistant plant, and very easy to cultivate. If we perform apical pruning, the plant will be transformed into a bushy shrub loaded with bud sites, making it ideal for SCROG cultivation.

The buds are ready to harvest after about 8-9 weeks of flowering, with a yield up to 550g per m2 in an indoor grow tent.

Mr Blueberry Bud, relaxing and cheerful with aromas of red fruits
At the peak of maturity, the branches are filled with flowers, giving them the appearance of an elongated floral bouquet loaded with buds.

These colas show purple and pink tones, a Blueberry cannabis inheritance, and emanate an aroma reminiscent of sweet wild red fruits, which intensifies using cannabis organic fertilisers in our grow.

It produces a relaxing effect that is not excessively narcotic, accompanied by an intensely euphoric and cheerful lift, resulting in a very balanced and pleasurable experience.

Mr Hide Seeds Mr Blueberry Bud info:
Type: Feminised cannabis seeds
Genetics: Blueberry x Big Bud
80/20 Indica Sativa hybrid
Indoor flowering: 60-65 days
Outdoor harvest: early October
Indoor yield: Up to 550g per m2
Outdoor yield: High

Antecedents of Mr. Blueberry Bud from Mr. Hide Seeds

Blueberry x Big Bud

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