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Mr. Hide Seeds Flowering: ±65 days mostly indica

Mr. California Pearl Our last “pearl”. Being a cross among 3 of the very best genetic from our bank, California Indica, White Pearl and Kritical Mass, we can vehemently guarantee that no one will be indifferent after trying such a plant. And not only because of its unquestionable quality and exotic beauty; for its exceptional organoleptic properties too. Simply delicious. Its taste and odor are remarkably sweet, with reminiscences of tropical fruit and certain citric touch.

Being an excellent hybrid between indica and sativa, our Mr. California Pearl is the right choice for those growers looking for quality and quantity. It can provide almost 500 grams per square meter (indoor) of the best marijuana available. These two factors compensate by far the extra week it might need during the flowering period. Because it can take 9 weeks to be harvested in case you prefer very mature marijuana. If not, just 8 weeks in enough. When it comes to outdoor culture you will be harvesting by the end of September or the beginning of October (very mature). This single week will represent buds as tight as rocks and completely full of sticky and smelly resin. In fact is so dense that the manicure becomes a hard job, not apt for impatient growers. Be ready to get really dirty!

Indica: 60% Sativa: 40%
Indoor: 8-9 Weeks
Outdoor: September - October
Production: 450/500 G/m2

Antecedents of Mr. California Pearl from Mr. Hide Seeds

California Indica x White Pearl x Kritical Mass

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Mr. California Pearl

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