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Basic info about Mr. Jekyll Kush

Mr. Hide Seeds Flowering: ±60 days mostly indica

Mr. Jekyll Kush Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
Sex: feminized seed.
Genotype: indicates dominance.
Indica: 70% Sativa 30%.
Crossing:: Og Kush x Cali Train Wreck
Taste: Earth, wood, pine with sweet touch.
Indoor: 55-65 days.
Outdoor: early octubre.
Produccion: De 550gr - 600gr / m2

Our Mr Jeckyll Kush is the result of the best geneticists from California and its legend started almost 25 years ago. It was obtained in 1993 and from then on it remains unrivaled. Their creators kept the secret about some of secrets used to get such a wonder. But at least we know it comes from a OG Kush, a variety that thrives in the Hindu Kush mountains but cultivated next to the Pacific Ocean beaches (California). OG means “cultivated next to the ocean” However the seeds came from some of the highest mountains and therefore are used to cold weather. The phenotype obtained was cross with a Cal Train Wreck and apparently this is the story of our Mr Jeckyl Kush. The result was son unique that probably their creators do not tell the whole truth. But in any case we have managed to get some excellent cuttings to produce and offer our clients the best seeds.

We feel obliged to warn you that Mr Jeckyll Kush has one of the highest percentages of THC (24%) and only 1,8% of CBD. Therefore its use must be really prudent because just a couple of drags are more than enough to get you extremely high. It is one of the most unforgettable psyquedelic experiences you will have.

Our team has tested it both outdoor and indoor. We have cultivated some seeds outdoor from October till December when the night temperatures can be below zero. Our Mr Jeckyll Kush have resisted this difficult weather and produced excellent marihuana at the same time. Very few plants are able to thrive in such conditions and continue producing wonderful marijuana.

It has a remarkable sweet taste and odor. This is due to its Kush ancestors. It reminds of exotic fruits. But for whatever reason it has a reminiscence of smoke. In fact some Californian users say it is like barbecue.

It can develop two different fenotypes: the classical green and other that is like red wine. This feno is a real beauty and tends to appear when is cultivated in cold conditions. Both fenotypes are very strong but the red one has a unrivaled beauty.

It is quite productive (about 550 grams per square meter). But because of its strong effect you need much less quantity to get very high. No doubt it is one of the strongest strains available in the cannabis world.

1º Expogrow Irún 2017 BHO
1º Spannabis Madrid 2017 BHO

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Og Kush x Train Wreck Cali cut

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Mr. Jekyll Kush

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