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Basic info about Mr. Kritical Mass

Mr. Hide Seeds Flowering: ±55 days mostly indica

Mr. Kritical Mass Among all our varieties Mr.Kritical Mass is possibly the most popular and famous for our followers. This success is probably due to its enormous production (more than 550 grams per square meter) , ease of culture and the quantity of prices and cups won by this plant. If on top of this we add the fact of the exquisite and overwhelming marijuana it produces, is not surprising the amount of fans Mr Kritical has. Being mostly indica (70%) , is one of those plants that are really harvested by the end of September (indoor) and in about 50 days indoor. If you prefer cultivate it for its medicinal potential is better wait about 5 more days counting from the moment the flowering period begins. Among its medicinal properties we should highlight the analgesic effect. Specially indicated for those who suffer back ache and sciatica. And is definitely effective against insomnia. In this case we recommend to dissolve a little bit in hot milk just one hour before going to sleep. One of the most resistant genetic against insect plagues and particularly effective to resist all kind of fungi related to high humidity environmental conditions. This virtue makes Mr Kritical Mass the best choice for beginners. It tolerates bad culture praxis and poor soils but obviously produces a much better quality and quality cultivating with good conditions and nutrients. We recommend to cultivate it with organic nutrients to obtain the very best of its candy and mellow organoleptic potential. A plant of really beautiful and sculptural look. Normally it tends to develop a central enormous bud and side branches full of formidable flowers. Obtaining such a stability and homogeneity has been a real challenge for Mr Hide Seeds Bank®. And now, after a long process of investigation and selection, we can ensure our Kritical Mass is one of the very best genetic available in the international cannabis universe. You try it… you repeat the experience. No doubt it’s a real jewel.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: feminized seed
Genotype: Indica dominance
Cross : Critical Mass x Critical Mass
Taste: caramelized honeyed
Production: 500gr - 550gr / m2

Antecedents of Mr. Kritical Mass from Mr. Hide Seeds

Critical Mass x Critical Mass

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