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Basic info about Mr. Lilly OG

Mr. Hide Seeds Flowering: ±74 days indica/sativa

Mr. Lilly OG Mr. Lilly OG is composed of 60/40 Sativa Indica genetics, in the encounter between Lilly's Pineapple clone, very appreciated for its vigour and exotic aroma, and OG Kush which provides more potency.

Mr. Lilly OG is a vigorous plant that quickly acquires a large dimension, very suitable for SCROG cultivation to control its vigour and limit the final size. It has a much ramified structure, with large flower colas that ensure a generous harvest. It has a flowering period of about 10-11 weeks, producing numerous buds of large volume and good density.

Mr. Lilly OG Cannabis Strain, a harvest with a fruity pineapple taste
Mr. Lilly OG harvest is composed of long, dense and fleshy buds completely covered with resin rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. The terpenes profile is dominated by fruity pineapple notes accompanied by floral and spicy hints. An explosive flavour enhanced by a cannabis vaporiser.

Mr. Lilly OG, although a Sativa dominant plant, produces a relaxing, calm, stony and contemplative effect with a slight euphoric feeling that promotes good mood and creativity.

Mr Hide Seeds Mr. Lilly OG info:
Type: Feminised cannabis seed
Genetics: Lilly Pineapple Cut x OG Kush
Genotype: 60 / 40 Sativa Indica
Indoor flowering: 10-11 weeks
Outdoor harvest: October
Indoor yield: High
Outdoor yield: High
THC: High

Antecedents of Mr. Lilly OG from Mr. Hide Seeds

Lilly Pineapple Cut x OG Kush

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