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Basic info about Mr. Mother Earth

Mr. Hide Seeds Flowering: ±60 days mostly indica

Mr. Mother Earth Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
Sex: feminized seed.
Genotype: indicates dominance.
Indicates: 60% Sativa 40%.
Crossing: Big Bud x Kritical.
Taste: mandarin.
Inside: 60-65 days.
Exterior: early October.
Production: From 550gr - 600gr / m2.

Our Mr. Mother Earth® is probably the most emblematic variety of our bank. And on top of it is one of the most awarded strain among all the cannabis banks. And we talk about some of the most prestigious cups and contests.

Our Mr. Mother Earth® is the result of many years on investigation in a laboratory. It was created by Óscar, owner of Mr.Mother Earth® Calafell Grow and one of the best breeders of Spain. We thank him his excellent creation as you will too.

It is a hybrid of indica predominance. It is strong and resistant to all kind of inclement and bad conditions. It can resist without any problem the most severe droughts ant thermal stress. Even though it has indica predominance resists very well humidity without developing fungi problems. This “beast” produces buds as big as fists full of resin and hard as a rock. When you manicure it you can obtain a remarkable quantity of delicious charas.

Outdoor is able to produce around 900 grams. And when it comes to indoor this variety can reach 550 for square meter provided it is given 2 weeks of growing period. It is advisable to cultivate it with the best conditions. Having such a champion and not give it the very best is simply stupid. Very few plants have this unique DNA!

Being mostly indica its effect is really narcotic and relaxing. The “trip” can be very long lasting and if you are not used to the best marijuana try to have a comfortable couch at hand. You can easily spend 2 hours laying down and doing nothing but to enjoy its extraordinary pleasure. Your mind will become very creative. It is ideal to meet the very best of yourself.

Its morphology reminds of a typical X mass tree. But since its side branches are so heavy and full of buds is recommendable to hold them. As we have said, this variety can produce (outdoor) 900 grams. It is not only the most productive; it is simply the best.

Its effect is extremely overwhelming and its organoleptic properties simply delicious. It tastes and smells like a tangerine. Even before being cured it fills up the whole area with its smoke. It makes you feel like being in paradise. It is so remarkable that even new users recognize its exquisite odor. It is the ultimate variety for the most demanding users.

2º Burgos M.F
2015: Non Solvents 1º Champions Bcn
2015: Non Solvents 1º Thc Valencia
2015: Weed Outdoor 2º Thc Valencia
2015: Non Solvents 1º Asturcannabis
2015: Non Solvents 3º Asturcannabis
2015: Weed Indoor 2º Thc Valencia
2016 Weed Outdoor: 2º Thc Valencia
2016: Non Solvents 3º Thc Valencia
2017 : Non Solvents

Antecedents of Mr. Mother Earth from Mr. Hide Seeds

Big Bud probably x Kritical

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Mr. Mother Earth

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