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Basic info about Mr. Sour-R

Mr. Hide Seeds Flowering: ±58 days indica/sativa

Mr. Sour-R A variety from its USA strains range, a selection of the best American clones.

this variety is a hybrid between Sour Diesel and Big Bud. It stands out for an incredible and penetrating aroma, as well as for its great resin production, ideal for making really aromatic hashish extractions.

A compact and bushy hybrid with 60/40 Sativa - Indica genetics, plants develop in the form of a bouquet of flowers during flowering. It adapts beautifully to both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. It is not recommended to perform apical pruning.

Buds will be mature after about 50-65 days flowering, depending on the phenotype. Yields at harvest should be between 350g and 400g per m2.

Mr Sour-R, extremely resinous with acid and sweet lemon aromas
The yield is not one of the highest, but it is compensated for by an impressive resin production and by a powerful effect. It is ideal for Rosin or BHO extracions.

Buds emanate a powerful acid lemon aroma with sweet nuances. This aroma is also transmitted to the hash we may produce. It impregnates our palate for a long period. An authentic delicatessen that is worth trying.

Along with a delicious aroma, we obtain a powerful, very stimulating, cheerful and cerebral effect. An effect that progresses to a state of relaxation, which hits our body or with bursts of pleasure and well-being.

Mr Sour-R was awarded 2nd place Hash (Professional) at the 2017 THC Cup in Valencia

Mr Hide Mr Sour-R info:
Feminised cannabis
Genetics: Sour Diesel x Big Bud
60/40 Sativa - Indica hybrid
Indoor flowering: 50-65 days
Outdoor harvest: Early October
Indoor yield: 350-400g per m2
Outdoor yield: medium

Antecedents of Mr. Sour-R from Mr. Hide Seeds

Sour Diesel x Big Bud

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