Mr. Sugar Lemon Haze from Mr. Hide Seeds

Basic info about Mr. Sugar Lemon Haze

Mr. Hide Seeds Flowering: ±70 days mostly sativa

Mr. Sugar Lemon Haze Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
Genotype: indicates dominance.
Indica: 30% Sativa 70%.
Crossing:: Super Lemon Haze x Super Lemon Haze
Taste: Sweet citrus lemon with incense aftertaste
Indoor: 65-75 days.
Outdoor: early octubre.
Produccion: De 600gr - 650gr / m2

Very few strains can boast of being among the highest positions at the organoleptic properties podium. Its sweet citric odor with a peculiar aftertaste of incense is for the most sybarite users. Our Mr Sugar Lemon Haze seems to be a fragrance. Everybody loves it. And nobody dislikes it.

It is powerful, resistant and adaptable to all kind of conditions. Even cultivated in the poorest guerrilla conditions this strain proves itself to be a real warrior. But if the same seed is properly cultivated can double its quality and quantity.

The main central stem can be 8 feet tall. But the plant can easily develop about 15 side branches that reach almost the same height and produce enormous buds of excellent quality. Its flowers are sticky and full of resin. You are advised to use latex gloves provided you don’t want to end the manicure completely full of resin. And very difficult to clean! It is probably the best choice to obtain charas.

Having sativa ancestors, Mr Sugar Lemon Haze has certain considerations to count with if you want to grow it indoor. Mostly because it has long internodes and therefore your room needs to be taller than normal. Outdoor it uses to be harvested between the middle and end of October.

Because of its long internodes this strain reminds of a rastafari. It has a peculiar ungainly look: really exotic and beautiful. Just looking at it gives you an idea of the great trip you will get! Our Mr Sugar Lemon Haze has one of the most psychoactive and psychedelic trip of the cannabis universe. Be careful. A couple of drags are enough to feel its tremendous effect.

The trip is very longlasting and most probably you will laugh and enjoy like never before. It is perfect to enjoy good company and it can be considered the natural Viagra. It is more than recommendable to improve your sexual life due to its creative power. It is an unforgettable trip. But not suitable for any moment of the day!

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Super Lemon Haze x Super Lemon Haze

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