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Mr. Hide Seeds Flowering: ±60 days mostly sativa

Mr. Weed Mass Lady Mr. Weed Mass reveals its deepest essence with its name: sweetness is the best adjective to define this wonder. This is because is indeed a genetics full of sweetened and mellow nuances that convert this plant in the perfecto choice for the most demanding smokers and those who love refreshing fragrances. Even though its sativa parental (65%) predominates in its genome, is quite curious the short period of time it requires for the harvest. Only 55 days since the flowering period begins and 60 days in case you prefer a more mature buds. And when it comes to outdoor our Mr. Weed Mass can be harvested in late September. Even though is not the most productive plant of Mr Hide Seeds it can easily exceed 500 grams per square meter. A good production indeed… Mr. Weed Mass is a real beauty. Elegant appearance with a central enormous bud and side branches full of white crystals impregnated of resin. Once has been cured properly (4 weeks) the buds become so hard that using grinder is unavoidable. In fact the manicure of this plant is a hard job because is so sticky that you will end up with your fingers and palms. Help yourself with a cutter to retire the glued resin of your hands and enjoy the best “charas”. A delicious experience… Even being mostly sativa la Mass dulce combines a highly cerebral effect with a relaxing muscular sensation perfect for medicinal users and those who are looking for a variety that can be used every day without disturbing their working capacity. Optimism is the perfect word to define its effect. Optimism and joy really exclusive. Its important to highlight that it has a very long lasting effect, about two hours, reaching its highest peak about 20 minutes after smoking. And to be honest we should say it produces a considerable appetite. Maybe not the best option for those following strict diet. Easy to cultivate and adaptable to different environmental conditions. Extremely resistant to plagues and all kind of fungi. Properly cultivated Mr. Weed Mass produces so much resin that becomes impossible for fungi and plagues to penetrate such a hard breastplate. Even though its sweet outpour is more than awesome in any kind of culture, is in organic soil where its unique fragrance highlights the most.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: feminized seed
Genotype: Sativa dominance
Crossing : Sweet Tooth x Critical Mass
Taste: sweet refreshing
Production: From 450gr - 550gr / m2

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Sweet Tooth x Critical Mass

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Primer plano de la Mr.Weed mass, le sigue una Mr.Jekyll Kush y detras una Mr.Mother Earth

Mr. Weed Mass

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