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The marijuana seed bank Philosopher Seeds was born in 2008 with the aim of offering a selection of the best varieties of marijuana that we have been able to select, cross and stabilise since the mid 90s.

Philosopher Seeds is a group of growers who decided to get together in order to offer the best genetic work resulting from their experience. Our idea is to regularly offer new varieties of cannabis and to keep renewing seed catalogues by improving or removing less popular varieties, as well as improving the catalogue with new collections on which we are working and are soon to be presented.

The varieties that you already know from our current catalogue, which are the result of the work of different colleagues linked in one way or another to Alchimia, will from now on become part of the Classic Line Collection. Today, in November of 2013, we are pleased to present a new collection, Golo Line, created by the Reggae Seeds breeders combining reputed varieties from their own catalogue with varieties yet to be seen in the world of commercial cannabis and a small contribution from the genetics of the classic line from Philosopher Seeds.

Apart from these collections mentioned above, Philosopher Seeds also has an experimental line called Test Line, and as most of our readers already know, these are non-marketed varieties from crosses that our Breeders make available in order to gather your opinions.

Thank you very much and enjoy the experience.

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