Apollo 13 Sativa from Reserva Privada

Basic info about Apollo 13 Sativa

Reserva Privada Flowering: ±53 days mostly sativa

Apollo 13 Sativa Apollo 13 Cannabis Seeds are an absolute beauty and the cross between the Genius mother and the P75 father. This Sativa leaves you with a more uplifting, psychedelic, high compared to her Indica sister and it certainly packs a floaty punch! This strain produces heavy yields with resinous floral clusters that are very sticky and have a strong aroma.

With buds that are easy to maintain and a rapid mature time of just 7 - 8 weeks, these Cannabis Seeds really are a pleasure to grow. The Sativa Apollo 13 is not only a heavy hitter but, with a traditional Christmas tree shape and buds that are pure eye candy, she`s easy on the eyes too!

* Delivers a floaty high
* Produces a heavy, sticky, yield
* Grows in a traditional Christmas tree style
* Is excellent for the budding horticulturalist

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