Cole Train from Reserva Privada

Basic info about Cole Train

Reserva Privada Flowering: ±56 days mostly indica

Cole Train Cole Train are a Humboldt, CA local strain. Jasmine, a mid 90`s Silver Haze Hybrid, was crossed with the Train Wreck (T4) male. The result is a large yielding, early finishing strain developed in Coastal California that strives in marginal conditions.

She is resistant to mould and these Cannabis Seeds are a heavy feeder that hog the nutrients. The old world Colombian flavour makes the Cole Train a treat to enjoy!!

* A strain from our native West Coast
* A large yielding strain
* A heavy feeder that finishes early
* A true taste of Colombia

Flowering Period: 7 - 9 weeks
Yield: 400-500 g/m²

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Short Review

Flowering time indoor
±70 days
between 69 and 71 days
Stretch while flowering
±167 %
from 69 cm to 71 cm.
Harvesting time outdoor
in BlShβ climates
at middle of September (±1 week)
in CmHmα climates
at end of September (±2 weeks)

Ratings / Votes of our users

Yield Indoor:
2.00 / 10
Yield Outdoor:
6.00 / 10
Strength / Effect:
4.33 / 10
Outdoor Overall:
8.00 / 10
Indoor Overall:
0.00 / 10
Overall Rating:
4.21 / 10

Antecedents of Cole Train from Reserva Privada

Silver Haze x Trainwreck

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